Jen is always beautiful.

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My car broke down today so I have no way of getting to the gym today and the busy day I have had (which is not over yet) I did this mini work out better than nothing right?

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Day One of what I am calling… Got it from my mama project

Here on out: the GIFMama 

thats ironic for tumblr. 

anyway, today was the beginning of my own personal training sesh and it KILLED. Ate alright for my calorie zone, but not so well with diversifying my veggies

Tomorrow is zumba. 

2 years ago on 04/03/12 at 07:21pm

went to personal training today with my mom

we’re in this together and the real stuff starts tomorrow

we train at different times and seperately, but we are still helping each other cook and keep on track. 

we’ll do befores and afters in 2 months time :)

2 years ago on 04/02/12 at 10:01pm


Despite what the media says, life isn’t about posing for photos and always being flawless and perfect.

It’s about testing your boundaries and doing the impossible. It’s about loving your body and yourself.

It’s about being more than eye candy.

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